Hurricanes vs Flyers tonight

The Hurricanes host the Flyers tonight.

The seats are located in section Lower 127, row N. Listed for sale through StubHub. $45/each. The #Hurricanes shoot twice on this end.

Click here and please choose 127-N from the list for the cheapest lower level seats available.

WWE Live Road To Wrestlemania Fairfax, VA

This is an event to get excited about, if you’re a WWE fan. Millions of people are and that’s why it’s significant that at the time of this blog post, StubHub has seats onsale from $33/each!

Every WWE event is a “history making” event and if you have a chance to go, you should definitely go! I don’t know how long the $33 tickets will be available, but at that price I could imagine they will sell quickly.

Go here to secure your spot at this WWE event. It takes place March 25th at Eaglebank Arena in Fairfax, VA.

Drop a comment below to let everyone know how much fun you had or, if it was a “dud” event. We want to know!

Tickets for the fans, from the fans

Is that title an accurate title? In today’s secondary ticket market, you are just as likely to buy from a broker with thousands of dollars worth of inventory as an independent person just trying to sell their extra seats. Which way will get you the best deal? Well, that depends on when you catch them. Take the professional broker. They keep tons of inventory and if they have 100 seats left to an event that takes place tonight, they will most likely lower their prices in order to sell the inventory.

The independent seller is a completely different  circumstance. This is a person that just happens to have an extra ticket, for whatever reason. Maybe a friend cancelled. Maybe the girlfriend isn’t the girlfriend any more. Either way, this particular seller will MOST LIKELY just want to get back what they paid for the ticket. You just have to hope they bought from the box office at face value, because then you get a good deal.

At  I showcase tickets that seem to be at their peak value and their “please just buy me” value. It will be up to you to decide how long you want to wait to purchase the tickets. There is no specific trick to buying cheap tickets. When I say “cheap” I mean cheap in the market value sense. Cheap Red Sox tickets may be 3x face value because most brokers that day are selling them 10x face value just because they’re playing the Yankees and the seats are Monster Seats. Cheap seats may also be those $5 Braves tickets because at the time they are selling, the Braves are 15-40. These kinds of things happen every season in every sport and at every venue.

I’ve been in the ticket re-sale business for 12+ years. I’ve seen Super Bowl tickets that started at $2500 in November, turn into $4500 seats in late January. I’ve seen listings on craigslist that were so clearly a scam and still, people buy them and get their feelings hurt when they’re turned away at the entrance. I’ve seen Ticketmaster expand to secondary selling to compliment their face-value side. I don’t agree with that. It’s like cigarette companies selling cigarettes and programs to quit smoking. It’s frustrating.

I can tell you from experience that StubHub is by far the industry leader in the secondary ticket market and their partnership with eBay makes them a mighty force in the industry.

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